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ChronoGrapher is a worldbuilding webtool for writers and game masters.
Wiki article Organize, link and build your lore, characters and everything else in a full wiki editor.
Interactive Maps place Import your maps, create new ones and link them together with your articles.
History watch_later Build your worlds history, and let your articles and maps reflect any moment in time.
Freeform notes description Just write.
No railroading or forms to fill out.
Infinite Maps map Create infinite maps with the tile grid editor, expanding your world whenever you want.
Cohesive task_alt Link everything togehter, and have everything you need at your fingertips.
Automate autorenew Make use of wiki templates, properties and automatic lists, to minimise tedious editing.
Colaborate groups Share your projects with your friends, and build your world together.
No Account no_accounts You only need a gmail address to get started.

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Do I have all the legal rights to the work I produce in ChronoGrapher?

Yes! You own the rights to all work you produce with ChronoGrapher.
To enable this, everything in the tool, including the art, has been comissioned specificaly for the tool.

Is my data safe?

Your data is as safe as you make it.
You have full controll.

Is my project private?

Yes, because non of your data is ever sent to the ChronoGrapher backend, you are the only one who controls access to your project.

Can I use ChronoGrapher on mobile?

Yes, but ChronoGrapher is not designed for mobile devies, so your mileage may vary. Mobile will be suported in the future.

Can I use ChronoGrapher offline?

Not right now. ChronoGrapher is a webtool, but there are plans to create a desktop version in the future.

Will ChronoGrapher support other storage options?

Yes, there are plans to add aditional storage solutions other than Google Drive.